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The Hebburn website is independently owned, having no connection whatsoever with any official or political organisation. It is also privately funded and derives no income of any sort from advertising or commercial sponsorship.

The site was established in the late 1990s to capture some of Hebburn's history and heritage. Thanks to its thousands of visitors, the site has amassed a large collection of local photos, all of which can be accessed from the left hand menu. The old school photos section has proven to be particularly popular.

However, active development ceased in 2012 and this site's function is now only to provide an archive of the material gathered up that time.

The Hebburn website no longer has a messageboard.

Norman Dunn's Old Tyneside" photo site is accessible from this site's left hand menu. Norman welcomes new material, so you may wish to send him a copy of any old photos you have.


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