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Please take a few seconds to read this before you contact me. Sorry if any of this sounds negative, but this will hopefully save you wasted time.

1. The Hebburn website comprises an archive of material submitted before 2012. All of these photos, documents and records are displayed on the site's pages. Please note: It is no longer possible to amend the names listed under any of the site's photos.

2. The site holds no additional photos or material and has no resources to undertake research.

3. The site has no mechanism (such as a message board) to facilitate further discussion or queries.

4. The site has no database of who does, or ever did, live in the town which currently has a population of about 20,000 people.

5. If you have any other 'old' photos which people may enjoy seeing, please submit these to Norman Dunn (see panel to the right)

For any residual enquiries, you can still email the Hebburn website here

Contact Norman Dunn

Norman owns and manages these websites :-

1. Old Tyneside photo website (covering Old Hebburn, Jarrow, South Shields areas)

2. East Gateshead photo website (covering Felling, Wardley, Bill Quay etc.)

If you wish to contact Norman about his photo websites click here to open an ready-addressed email.