ST Cuthberts 2001 (Rockin Billy photo)
St Cuthberts Dec. 2001 (Billy Davies Photo)

The 19th century also witnessed the expansion of religious interest in the town and a growth in the number of churches. The earliest example was the establishment of a Methodist chapel in 1843, with several others following throughout the town.

In 1873 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church opened and in 1875 and 1881 St. Cuthbert's and St. Oswald's opened respectively. St. John's Church, part of which was converted from Ellison Hall, opened in 1887 and the Roman Catholic church of St. Aloysius followed in 1888

Because he had workers of all denominations, Leslie (the shipyard owner) offered to build a spire on the first of the new churches to be completed. As can be seen below, St. Andrew's benefitted.

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St. John's.

Entrance Side detail Wide view from east Door detail
North window Roof detail West side West detail

St. Cuthbert's (interior photos courtesy of Barry Lamb)

North end door West side - main door West side
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New crosses being fitted after
storm damage in spring 2002
interior 1 {short description of image} Interior 3

St. Oswald's

South side East Window Main door Long view of W & S fases

St. Andrew's (no longer used as a Church)

View from NE corner View looking south '1st Prize' tower Detail above main door

St. Aloysius

Longshot from SE corner East window Main door

St Aloysius has a nice website of its own <Click Here>

Victoria Road West Gospel Hall

gospel hall gospel2