Clegwell 1C1- 1961/2

Clegwell 61

This photo was submitted by Colin Nicholson and the ever-reliable Kevin Blair & Rockin Billy added these names :

Back Row. Left to Right. David White, Brian Denny, Robbie Blackbird, Davie Sinclair, Raymond Whitelaw, Billy Telford, N/K, Robert Millburn.

3rd Row. Left to Right. Colin Nicholson, Mr.McCulloch, Margaret Scott, Jane Bryant, Marjorie Newman, Maureen Bowmer, Brenda Arthur, Vivian Doughney, Sheila French, Beryl Winthrop, Tommy O'Neil.

2nd Row. Left to Right. Pauline Lavery, Joan Young, Joyce Marchbanks, Norma McCallum , N/K, Elizabeth McKenna, Susan Stewart, Sandra Harrison.

Front Row. Left to Right. Barry Dean, Ivor Evans, Richard Towers, George Aitchison, Ian Pateson, Leslie Thompson, David Hallway, Graham Hunter.

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