Bede's Well

Long before the slag heap was built, Bede's Well was a popular destination for a Sunday afternoon stroll. It must have been a fairly attractive place then

In truth, there's not a shred of evidence that it ever had anything to do with the Venerable Bede - and possibly only acquired it 'holy' connection because it was the source of fresh water for the monks who gave Monkton it's name.

The slag heap was actually Palmer's biggest ever construction and its' gradual development required the culverting of the underlying stream which ran eastwards towards Jarrow. This 'tunnel' had entered kids folk lore by the 1950's when we all believed that Bede and his monks had built it.

Norman Dunn remembers that his mates called the valley from the well up to Campbell Park Road 'The Dip'.

Sadly, the site which was nicely restored in the 1980's is now just a vandalised eyesore again.

Thanks to Norman Dunn for this photo
By 1949 the well was looking a sorry site
but it fascinated the local kids
Bede's well
Thanks to Paul Perry for the use of this photo

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