Hebburn Cemetery

If you are searching for a grave you should first visit South Tyneside's Bereavement services webpages here. This offers an online Grave/Genealogical search of burial records for all Council managed cemeteries in South Tyneside (free registration required).

This sketch below is not to scale, but shows the layout of Hebburn Cemetery to assist anyone searching for a relative's grave.

Blocks H, I and J are predominently Roman Catholic graves.

Blocks A, B, C, D, E and L were originlly designated for the other Christian denomination graves
(C of E,Methodist, Presbyterian etc.).

Blocks F, G and K had no specific religious affiliation.

Blocks M, N, P, Q, R and S form a relatively recent extension to the cemetery and it is not known if these blocks have a religious affiliation. (NB not shown on this diagram is a narrow extension to Block Q which is located behind the house & yard to the right of the main entrance. This appears to be reserved for infant graves.)

To give an indication of scale, the largest single block (J) encompasses 1450 individual plots. The others typically have between 800-1200 plots. Thankfully, the cemetery has not suffered much visible vandalism. But visitors should be aware that some individual graves have been so poorly maintained by that its almost impossible to decipher names; many others have been grassed over and these individual plots cannot be identified (with or without a map). More recently, some headstones have been laid flat because of health & safety concerns.

Cemetery layout