Hebburn in Verse

These short poems came from a 9 page booklet by the late Ellen Robb and "A.Nonymous" (possibly Ellens husband Norman?).
The poems were originally published to support local charities.

(Many thanks to Norman Dunn for preparing them for the Hebburn site).

The Poems

Hartleyburn Ladies Choir

We the ladies of Hartleyburn Choir
Have finally called it a day
After twenty years of togetherness
It's the parting of the way.

We've enjoyed it every minute
And have had a lot of fun
With memories to look back on
For each and everyone

The cymbals and the castanetts
And Joan who played the spoons
With Stella on the Piano
Enhancing all the tunes

We thank our leader Lillian Croft
Who guided us along
With patience & good humour
Through each passage of the songs

Just helping to entertain you
Has been our greatest pleasure
And deep down in our hearts
Are memories we will treasure

So the ladies of Hartleyburn Choir
Have sung their last Swan Song
The music is scattered
But the Harmony lingers on.

Parliament Street

We have no fortunes, we have no fame
Just ordinary folks who play the game
Some of us young, some of us old
But everyone with a heart of gold.

Our childhood was spent in a carefree way
With loving parents to show us the way
To be kind and friendly to all we meet
And proud to belong to Parliament St.

Shining windows and gleaming grates
Happy neighbours and smashing mates
Always a welcome at the door
Could anyone really ask for more?

So let your hair down and have a ball
Dancing and singing, but best of all
A good old natter, a good old chat
Remembering this, recalling that.

And now to make my verse complete
God bless the folk of Parliament Street.

Centenary of St. Aloysius Church, 1988

One hundred years ago the doors were opened wide.
Of our beautiful new church built at Hebburn on Tyneside
It was named St Aloysius the patron saint of youth.
Where many sermons have been preached, from the Bible, the Holy Book.

A church that feels like home with warmth and welcome there
A place where you can come and offer up your prayer
It's here that you'll find solace and peace within your soul
Its somewhere you know you will never feel alone

As we look around and see the Stations of the Cross
The altar and the statues that were handed down to us
By parishioners who worshipped in this church so long ago
We realise their sacrifice and the debt we owe

So come fill our lovely church in this centenary year
Thank God for all our priests who have tended us with care
Clergy past & present who made there home in Hebburn
We thank them for their teaching which guides our steps to Heaven
To Father Walsh our Parish Priest we would like to say
Thank you Father for being with us on our very special day
We love you dearly we give you good wishes
Together lets thank God for our church 'St Aloysius'

St. Andrew's Church
Alas the doors are closed
On the finest church in town
St Andrews presbyterian church
Has its final closing down.

Gone are the stained glass windows
Which were a beauty to behold
Deeply rich in colour
Depicting biblical scenes of old.

Oh oft I heard those church bells ring
When I was very young
Ringing joyously to proclaim
The service had begun.

The seeds of faith that were nurtured there
Continue to grow and thrive
The doors of St Andrews may be closed
But the faith is strong and alive.

Father Rooney
A man a priest who gave his all
In answer to your heavenly call
He left the home he loved so much
And travelled far into the bush.

To tell the people of the love of god
Of whom they did not know
He did his very best for them
Because he loved them so.

He touched the hearts of the very rich
And helped them understand
The miseries of poverty In a distant foreign land.
A humble boy from an English town

Destined I'm sure to wear a crown
Not in this world, but in heaven above
Because of his service and his love.
Personally known to his holiness the Pope

He filled the hearts of the poor with hope
Father Rooney is his name
Hebburn is the town from which he came
And now his work on earth's complete

God take him by the hand
And lead your servant dearest Lord
To the peace of the promised land.
Please pray for us and touch our hearts

And help us make ammends
This boy, this man
This priest of God
Was also our friend.

May he rest in peace Lord
With you and our blessed Mother
Known to most as Father Tom
To mankind he was a brother.

Reverend Hobson's retirement
from St Andrew's Hebburn

A ministers life is not easy

Leaving home and the friends he knew
To come to another Parish
And have to start anew.

But you came to St Andrews Hebburn
Just thirteen years ago
And now you are leaving
We're going to miss you so.

You walked into our heart
On your very first day
When you became a minister
And knelt with us to pray.

We could write a book
Of all the work you do
Baptisms, Marriages, Sick calls
And Burials to name a few

You brought us solace in our grief
Comfort in our pain
You carried out Gods work
For love & not for gain
God bless you in your retirement

Thanks for being our Spiritual Guide
We wish many more years of happiness
With your charming wife by your side.

Don't forget the people of Hebburn
We wish you all the best
May your days be long & wonderful
Good luck, good health, God bless.