Hebburn Through The Years

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click here for a smashing page of old postcards from Hebburn


1st Hebburn Cubs
1st Hebburn Cubs about 1922

St. Andrews
St. Andrews Presbyterian church 1906

Jean Murray
Family photos from Jean Murray

3 family photos from
Marion Coyne.

W Stenner
3 smashing Stenner family photos

3 Hedley family photos

George Cairns and his daughter (1936)

The shop on the corner of Charles Street and Tennant Street

This photo was labelled as Back Prince Consort Road but Ross Dyer's Gran insists it is Collins Lane

3 smashing photos
taken in Wreigh Street

Elmfield Road 1940s

Reyrolles 1922

Hebburn Adult School 1908

Ellen Wilkinson visits
Hebburn Colliery School

Hautmont Town Twinning trip 1958

Power House Trip

Markie Duff and mates
outside Palmers Shipyard

A few Jean Birrell family photos

George Joiner
{short description of image}
3 Robert Duff family photos
Tyne View
Tyne View
Clyde Avenue
A couple of smashing family photos from Ian Robson, taken in Clyde Ave. in the 50s
4 Lads
Another from Norman Dunn's family collection. Anyone recognise these 4?
Mass tonsilectomy at Ellison Hall

Hebburn Colliery around 1918
Click to see full size
Hebburn Victory Carnival 1945
(From Alan Hepburn)
The Kip
The Kip, Lyon Street 1925
World war One Victory Party 1919
World War One
Adults Victory Party 1919
Arthur Street Kids Party
World War One
Children's Victory Party 1919

Gallaghers Shop
Winnie Gallaghers
Giving thanks for a safe return from Dunkirk (1940)
Ron French Photo
1907 postcard of the Bandstand in Hebburn Park (with boathouses in background) loaned by Ron French
Carr St
Carr Street (about 1900) looking from Collins Lane end towards the Pit over Ellison St junction.
Coal Trimmers
Smashing Photo of the Hebburn Coal Trimmers supplied by Len Stephenson (see below)
James Norrie
Brilliant old photo from Lynne Layton of her grandad James Norrie - who was the gate keeper on the railway lines on Argyle Street
Victory Day
Another wonderful photo from Lynne Layton showing the Norries at Victory Day celebrations
Len Stephenson
Len himself - aged 5 (see the regulars page for a current photo)
Lens Grandfather
Len's Grandfather - Thomas
Len's dad
Len's dad and brother
Coop Mens Trip

Coop Mens Association trip
to Alston in 1920s
Boys Brigade
Len in his brother's Boys Brigade uniform
Another great photo from Joan Moseley

Dunn Family
The Dunn Family
Bennets Bus
1920's photo of Bennet's Bus
Hebburn Girls
Great school photo from Norman Dunn, showing his grandmother and her twin sister. The girls were born in 1902
The Clegwell
The "Cleg Well" which the school was named after
Kings Ave
Kings Ave in the 60s
Alf Gibsons
Alf Gibson's Electricals
shop advert
Many thanks to Paul Perry for the loan of this Hebburn shop handbill
shop advert
Many thanks to Paul Perry for the loan of this Hebburn shop handbill
shop advert
Many thanks to Paul Perry for the loan of this Hebburn shop handbill


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