Hebburn Quay Shops - 1940 onwards.

Many thanks to Albert Phipps who has researched another fascinating list of Hebburn shops
and to Lance Liddle for preparing this webpage (Lance noticed the pubs were missing!)

Cleary, most of these shops will have have had other owners before or after the names here
For that reason, the list cannot be updated

  Owner Business Number Street
  Campbell, Duncan A Shopkeeper 1 Argyle St.
  Gale, Wilfred L Dental Surgeon 3 Argyle St.
  Cook, Arthur Gents Tailor 26 Argyle St.
  Dagleas, John and Son Ironmongers 28 Argyle St.
  Bartram, David Watchmaker 32 Argyle St.
  McMullen, Ellen Shopkeeper 40 Argyle St.
  Banks, Herbert L Draper 42½ Argyle St.
  Carey, Albert Dairyman 50 Argyle St.
  Donnelly, Joseph J Undertaker 58 Argyle St.
  Barrett, William Gents Hairdresser 60a Argyle St.
  Jackson, John Thomas Butcher 64 Argyle St.
  Chapman, Elizabeth Shopkeeper 68½ Argyle St.
  Graham, Robert Grocer 73 Argyle St.
  Schaefer, Louis Pork Butcher 76 Argyle St.
  McGuinness, Elizabeth Grocer 91 Argyle St.
  Parkin, James Grocer 93 Argyle St.
  Bainbridge, Martha Shopkeeper 100a Argyle St.
  Tollick, Alfred Confectioner 113 Argyle St.
  English, Margaret Shopkeeper 134 Argyle St.
  Charlton, J and Sons Haulage 140 Argyle St.
  English, John W Butcher 142 Argyle St.
  Chapman, William Grocer 144 Argyle St.
  Fleming, Richard L Pharmacist ? Argyle St.
  Kinross, Maggie Confectioner ? Argyle St.
  Lindsay, John Surgeon Argyle House
  Norman, John Charles Surgeon Lismore House
  Cromarty, Elizabeth Shopkeeper 63 Ellison St.
  Jenner, Mary Beer Retailer 89 Ellison St.
  Gillhespy, William Greengrocer 111 Ellison St.
  Dodds, Lily Draper 117 Ellison St.
  Hewison, Mathew S Newsagent 121 Ellison St.
  Hanlon Ltd. Grocer 123 Ellison St.
  Barclay, John Pork Butcher 129 Ellison St.
  Owens, Catherine Shopkeeper 132 Ellison St.
  Nichols, Francis Shopkeeper 137 Ellison St.
  Anderson, George Hairdresser 138½ Ellison St.
  Lagan, Sarah General Dealer 140 Ellison St.
  Harris, William Beer Retailer 142 Ellison St.
  White, Harry Cobbler 160 Ellison St.
  Dowson, Agnes Hairdresser 164 Ellison St.
  Mason, William Fishmonger 166 Ellison St.
  Breeze, Mrs Wool Shop ? Ellison St.
  Newland & Co. Beer Retailers 8 Lyon St.
  Jackson, John Thomas Butcher 33½ Lyon St.
  Dennis, Richard Fruiterer 35 Lyon St.
  Swindale, Jabez Pharmacist 36 Lyon St.
  Smith, John Tobacconist 37 Lyon St.
  Dobson, Albert General Dealer 51 Lyon St.
  Lee, Hudson Cobbler 60 Lyon St.
  Mathews Cycle Shop 63 Lyon St.
  Hall, Walter Café 63 Lyon St.
  Heigh, William General Dealer 68 Lyon St.
  Hedley, Robert Hairdresser 84 Lyon St.
  Jarrow & Hebburn Co-op Butcher, Grocer, Greengrocer ? Lyon St.
  " Greengrocer ? Lyon St.
  Smith Bros. Printers ? Lyon St.
  Atkinson Off Licence ? Lyon St.
  Levy, George Pawnbroker 2 Carr St.
  Cash Trading Co. Pawnbroker 4 Carr St.
  Poole, Sidney General Dealer 6 Carr St.
  McElwee, Kitty Milliner 22 Carr St.
  Forster, William Watchmaker 28 Carr St.
  Ward, Joseph William Draper 32 Carr St.
  Firth, Christina Confectioner 40 Carr St.
  Fionda, Nicola Confectioner 53 Carr St.
  Cairns, John D Baker 65 Carr St.
  London & Newcastle Tea Co.   71 Carr St.
  Firth, Marian Confectioner 20 Albert St.
  Hudson, John Pharmacist 22 Albert St.
  Middlemiss, John Hairdresser 23 Albert St.
  Dann, W Fish & Chip Shop 10 Ann St.
  Gallagher, I Confectioner 5 Bewick St.
  Wright, Mary Beer Retailer 26 Bewick St.
  Caplanis, Nickolas Fish & Chip Shop ? Bewick St.
  Nesbitt, Edward Fish & Chip Shop 3 Caledonian St.
  Greaves, George Fruiterer 8 Caledonian St.
  Laurie, M & B Grocers 11 Caledonian St.
  O'Rouke, Margaret Fish & Chip Shop 19 Cuthbert St.
  Porteus, William & Son Grocers 222 Cuthbert St.
  Higgins General Dealer   Parliament St.
  Clark, Billy Off Licence 69 Prince Consort Rd.
  Clasper, Mary Hairdresser 3 Tyne St.
  McMurchie, David Cobbler 17 Tyne St.
  Martin, Jess C Cobbler 19 Tyne St.
  Johnston, Edward Grocer 55 William St.
  Davison, James & Co. Pawnbroker 127 William St.
  Scott, William Plumber 14 Wreigh St