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Clegwell 3b1

CLEGWELL - Class 3B1. 1963/4

Back Row. Laurence Bolam, William Perryam, Bryan Dunn, Alan Cooke, Alf Cash, Paul Barrow, Brian Denny, Robin Quensil, James Clarke,Keith Spoores.

Middle Row. Kevin Blair, Brian Mason, Ralph Crooks, George Neve, Frank Treleven, George Rounce, Terry Hambley, Marshall Johnstone, Colin Caswell, Alex Appleby, Kenny Mitchell, Gordon Craig.

Front Row. Brenda Meek, unknown, Maureen Colinson, Margaret Strike, Marilyn Burns, Catherine Ford(now Councillor Tolson),Andrea Averill,Vivian Bulmer, Doreen Hubbick, Maxine Perry.