Trip to Newton - on - Sea

5th Year Trip

Photo supplied by Robby Brown

Paul Salmon, Robby Brown, Ronnie Burns, Paul Dowling, Allan Stephenson, and Kevin Dowling.

Steve Boyd wonders if this was a Clegwell Trip as he was in the same class as Ronnie and Allen during most of Clegwell including the 5th year (5 October). Most of the guys he cani remember had skinhead haircuts. So he wonders if this was a much earlier photo.
Robby replies "Steve, sorry for not answering this question earlier. Yes this was a Clegwell trip to Newton-on-Sea in 5th year and yes me(Robby) Ronnie and Alan were skinheads for most of our time at school but at the time the popular haircut was called a featherhead which was long hair at the sides and back but short on top, I can only think that we were trying to grow our hair to get that look. I am certainly a skinhead now. "