Hebburn Quay School 1955-57(ish)

Quay School about 1959/60

Back row: Miss Corsey (spelling?), Hugh Jamieson, Keith Robson, Victor Storey, Alex Buckley Robert McCusker, Keith Scott, John Porter, Ronnie Laws, Melvyn Hall, Keith Dodds, Percy Jenkins

2nd row: Billy Fisher, ??, ??, Jacqueline McPadden (?), ??, Jean Barron, ?? Sylvia French, Jean Brownlee, Pamela Jones, Dennis Ogle, Alan Snowdon.

3rd row: ??, ??, ??, Evelyn Green, ??, Lorraine English, Jenny Wheatley, Shirley Wheaton (?) Edna McCarty, Freda Blakeman

Front row Peter Douglas, James Giles, ? White, Peter Newby, ?, Alan Clark, Gordon Telford, Ian MacLachlan.

* It had been suggested that Robert Summerson was on the front row, but he tells us that he definitely wasn't on this one

Can anyone fill in the blanks or correct the errors……?