St Aloysius 2a - about 1968?

Aloysius 2a

Thanks to John Niven for this photo.

Norman Dunn spotted that the Headmaster on left is Mr Golding and the teacher on right is Miss Nancy Cawthorn. But Helen McClurry, Karen Johnson (nee McIntyre), Theresa Duffy,Phil Welsh & Walter Robson supply most of the names :

Top row,
Victor Laffey, Walter Robson, Michael Quinn, Kevin Sinclair Peter Smith, Chris Bushell, Alan Curry, John Niven, Peter Smith Ian Green & Robert Harbison

3rd row
Kathleen Foster, Pat Lydon, Lindsey Parkins, Karen McIntyre, Moira Lamb, Margaret Frail, Kathleen Harrison, Margaret Livingstone , Bernadette Donnelly, Catherine Delahunty.

2nd row,
Christine Seddon, Theresa Harding, Margaret Frail, Carole Walker, Helen McClurry, Maureen Todd, Pat Mackie, Linda Bell, Jaqueline Bird, Pauline Pratt.

Bottom row
David Harbison, Kevin Campbell, Aiden McKeown, Phil Welsh , Keith Duffy, Anthony Foy, Peter Waters


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