St Aloysius (probably 2b)

Thanks to Stephen Tatum for this photo


Stephen says :

I attach my class photo - 2b  - having looked at the photo of class 2a on the web site I think this must have been taken at the same time.(I'm top left)  Unfortunatley I can't remember any of the girls names but I know most of the boys.

Starting with the top row there is me then Billy Greaves, Stephen Robb, Kevin? Doyle, Terence? Jones, Stephen Malley, Robert? Oughton and Michael Porry. On the middle row are Owen Gallagher and Paul Anderson.on the bottom row are Tony Brown,?,?,Michael Henderson,Paul Cassidy and Peter Campbell. Hopefully other people will remember more names!

The headmaster is of course Mr Goulden and I think our teacher may have been Miss Hunter.