St. Aloysius Athletic Team 1960

St Aloysuis Athletic Team

Thanks to Colin McAllister for this photo.

Colin, who now lives in sunny Oz remembers: "I am in the back row, 4th from the left and behind the teacher (Mr .O'Hagan). I was a sprinter then and set the School record for the 100 yards, and also for the Long Jump. For my efforts, I had my name added to the School trophy which was called the Victor Ludorum Cup. .

Frank McNabola adds; - The other teacher on the left is Mr.Danny Berry.The teacher on the extreme right is Mr Joe Golden the then headmaster.Also back row third left is Bart McNeil on the end is Ken Knowles I think.

John Rice adds:- the lad holding the trophy is John Fay and I am behind him next to Tommy O'Hagan the teacher, the big lad beside me is Kevin Bell. On the extreme right of the middle row is David Goodall. John Fay was team captain and ran the mile, Kevin Bell did the discus and shotput, I ran the 220 yards

Tom Halligan (next to Danny Berry) adds the name of Aiden Barlow on the outside left, holding the javelin .

Harry Barker who now lives in Canada, supplies this fuller list :

Starting with the top row, left to right :- John Morod, Taffy Langlands, Bart McNeil, Colin McAllister, Ken Knowles. 2nd row left to right:- Adin Barlow, Mr.D. Berry, Thomas Haligan, Kevin (Dinger) Bell, Jonh Rice, Tommy O'Hagan, Mr, Joe Golden, David Goodall. Front row left to right :- McKee ?, Michael Brabs, Kevin Fay, John Fay, Harry Barker, Franky Townsend, John (Jacky) Samuels.

Kevin Fay and Harry shared the Victor Ludorum Cup in 1961/1962. The senior boys are in T shirts with the stripes, and the intermediate boys are in the plain T shirts.

Front row left is Gordon McKee