Clegwell School Orchestra
Probably 1957/58

Clegwell Orchestra

Yet another photo hunted down by Kevin Blair.

It shows the Clegwell School Orchestra with Mr.Jukes just left of centre and Mr Kellett the headmaster on the right Zoe Corr spotted her Dad, John A. Paisley sitting towards the centre (8th from Left), .Jim Sams, who tells us that the orchestra was formed in 1955/6, spotted Johnny Stirling immediately on Mr Dukes left. On John Paisley's left is Alan Clarke. The lad 5th from right under watchfull glare of headmaster Kellett is David Waller

Peter Fraser adds : Fifth from left then moving right. Mike Harding, then myself Peter Fraser, Johnny Stirling, John Paisley, Alan Clark, don’t know this one. Then William Berry, David Waller, Martin Brown, David Chishum, William Duncan, Don’t know the last one.

But the other pupil names are unknown. Can you help? If so, please email the editor