Clegwell 1C1 - about 1963

Thanks to Ken Forster for this photo and to Carole Friday for some additional names.

Back row includes: (may not be in correct order)
Peter Park, Gordon Hickman, John Stelling Tommy Diamond, Kempley Taylor, Alan Reed, Lesley Carr, Ian Blakey , Stewart Newton?

Middle row includes:
Kenneth Lyle, Norman Foley , Linda Poole? Lynn Pollock, Linda Plank, Doreen Elder, Carole Friday, Margaret Kersop? Anne Green, Janie McGuigan , David Platt , ?.

Front row includes:
Christine George, Ellen Brown, Gilda Thorius, Lyn Urwin, Teacher Mr Case, ?, Brenda Fairweather, Susan Winn, Dorothy Smith.

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