Class 2b (about 1963)

2b - abou 1963

Thanks to Brian Snaith for this photo of class 2b at Clegwell, which Brian (back row, far right) reckons is around 1963/64.

Billy Stubbs, Gordon McVittie, Rockin Billy & Ian Horner have added these names :-

Back Row
Ron Cowdrey, Billy Gemmil, Derek Gadsden, Ronnie Scott, Paul McAdam, David Coulson, Ian Horner, Ken Cory, Brian Snaith

Middle Row
Rob Forster, Chris Cape, Robin Burdis, Margaret Chapman, Margaret Fisher,J udith Wright, Margaret Jaimeson, Linda Careless, Sheila Winship, Trevor Toward, Paul Edgar, Frank Hodgson, Keith Cummins,

Front row
Carol Wells, Anne Carson, Brenda Morrison, Jeanette Rice, Jenny Martin, Joan Nesbitt, Valerie Conner, Pat Rice, Renee Stevenson

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