Clegwell 3A 1954

Thanks to Don Scott for this photo.

Don and Margaret have tried to remember as many names as possible, but there's still a lot of question marks.

The teacher was Mrs. Mason.

Back Row :
1.Edwina, 2.Betty, 3. ?Knox, 4.Louisa, 5.Audrey Wright, 6.?, 7.Irene Brown?

Middle Row :
1.Lorna Misel (now Lakey), 2.Muriel, 3.Margaret Brooke (Don's wife), 4.Valerie, 5.Betty, 6.Dorothy Cole, 7.?, 8.Norma? 9.Marion?, 10.Mary?

Front Row :
1.?, 2.Norma?, 3.Marjery, 4.Silvia, 5.?, 6.Mrs. Mason, 7.Joan?, 8.Betty, 9.Irene, 10.Pauline, 11.Ann.

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