Clegwell Boys 1948

Clegwell 1948

Many thanks to Alex Whyatt for this photo and most of the names.
Geoffrey Wilkie asked his uncle Ian Kew for the others
Can you add any of the remainder? If so, -

Teacher - Mr J. Wigham

Back Row - ?, Alex Whyatt, Billy Walton, Ken Jameson, Cecil Anderson, Derek Hall, ?, Duggie Bramley, ?, Gilly Potts, John Morris, Matty Hailes

2nd Back Row - Ian McLean, Robert Auchterlonie, Peter Drake, Nicholson, Stan Brown, David Lumsden, Ian Bruce, ?, Jeff Fullar, ?, Sanderson

2nd Front Row - Jackie Sewell, Ken Pawsey, Ernie Taylor, Robert Watson, Rennie Alexander, Ken McGuigan, Billy Thomas, Joe Prudham, Ian Kew, Ian Johnson

Front Row - Fred Clark, ?, Stephenson, Andrew Garrow, Purvis, Montgomery