Clegwell 4a - 1967
(or 3a - 1966)

Thanks to Heather Hardy for this photo. These additional have been supplied since, but some may be in the wrong place

Back row
Brian Charlton, Ian Burfoot, Michael Chapman, David Popay, John Aitchison ?, Brian Kerr, Edward Walsh, Trevor Wiblin, Alan Cossie?

Middle row
Lawrence McGuinness, David Milward, Fred Jennings, Colin Waugh, Pauline Cordiner, Susan ? , Heather Hardy (Skelton) , Kathleen Jobling, Colin Waugh , Martin ? , Peter Slater, Alan Hambley,

Front row
Kathleen Neve, Doris ?, Joan Wilson, Sandra Tobin , Pamela Cumberland , Barbara Hawes, Carol Sutherland, Linda Farrell, Linda ?

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