Clegwell 4 September 1986

4 September 86

Thanks to Alastair Greason for this one

Donna Liddle (nee Oughton), Joanne Atkinson, Annalei Inkster (nee McLeod) and Tracy Craigs (nee Robertson) have added several names

Top Row = Simon Evans, Simon Dick, Ian Campbell, Jason Gwyer, Paul Collinson, Alistair Greason, Stephen Whibley, Steven Hallway

Middle Row = Dawn Blakey, Lesley Anne Dunn, Robin Booth, Steven Robinson, Geoff Burfoot, Philip Brixey, Alan Martin, Marie Bennett, Jane Wardle, Susan Holliday

Bottom Row = Kim Egglestone, Amanda Halliday, Lynne Jameson, Mandy Woodhall, Joanne Welsh, Victoria Hood, Annalei McLeod, Lisa Baron

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