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Clegwell 1961 1a

Clegwell 1a - 1961

BACK ROW left to right. Alan Wilson, Alan Cook, Andrew Rae, Billy Wilson, James Chadkirk, John Chisholm, Colin Bacon, Alan Johnson.

SECOND BACK ROW left to right. Val Waters, Noreen Marley, Cath Archer, Pat Stevenson, Barbara Harbison, Jean Houston, Pauline McQueen, Judith Teather, Susan Dorian, Brenda Eskdale.

SECOND FRONT ROW left to right. Sadie Ingleton, Janice McPhail, Mildred Bell, Jean Welsh, Miss Irwin, Frances Jardine, Maureen Mulgrew, Nora Millward, Elizabeth Woodcock.

FRONT ROW left to right. Tom Kerison,Tom Eales,Alan Coppock,David Marsden,Peter Doyle, Jimmy Fisher,Ray Houston,Ray Huckle.