Clegwell 3D about 1967


Thanks to Geoff Moseley for this photo, but all we knew was the year it was taken.

However, Joanne Atkinson has very kindly done a bit of family research for us. She thinks the class maybe 3December/4December but is not sure. Billy Stubbs, Ray Stoker, Neil Foster and Gordon Hickman have since added a few more names. Although there may still be a few errors.

Back row : Geoffrey Moseley, Freddie Marsden, Alan Archer, John Livingstone, Raymond Temple , ?, ?, Raymond Hall, John Brown , Alan Nichol, Les Foster, David Pratt, Raymond Stoker and Billy Robinson

Middle row : George Carter (2nd from left), third from left Christine Wilson, 5th left - Maria Puga, Irene Phillips (7th left), Elsie Smith (third from the right); 2nd from right Edward Hunter, end of row Brian Dowling

Front row :Sylvia Wilson, Gladys Brown, Norma Robson, Valerie Falks, Lorna Cooper, Mrs Sanderson, Margaret Main, Connie?, Margaret Conneley,?, Ann McDowell.

Can you confirm which class it was and/or add some names?

If so, please use the feedback form