Clegwell 1973/74

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Clegwell class photo sent from New Zealand by Hebburn lad Ken Johnston.

Hazel Carr (Perry), Claudia Wallace, Susan Robson, Lynn Layton, Ralph Littlefair and Dot Short dredged their memories to come up with names. But there's some doubt over the identities of a couple of folk.

Back Row Ken Johnston, Stephen McDowell, Ronnie Kidger, Keith Rutherford, Wilfy Ingram,Colin Nesbit, Philip Molyneaux, Ray Neve, Dave Bone, Dave Main,

Middle Row Kevin Jacobs, Alan Stratton, Alan Wilkie, Susan Mcvite, Susan Walker Sylvia Hunter, Andrea Morris, Linda Lyndsey(?), Hazel Perry, Alan Hogg, Ralph Littlefair, Dave Mckenna

Front Row Christine Simpson, Linda Mcphail, Kate Taylor, Jean Samuals, Claudia Gardiner, Lorraine Hall, Hazel Wells, Anne Kerr, Enid Waite, Alison Keiler

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