Clegwell - about 1967

about 1967}

This photo was supplied by Lynn Chandler (nee Leslie). Les Yare corrected a couple of names suggested by others.

It's been a bit damaged over the years so several of the faces are almost impossible to make out, but Kevin Blair has tried to clean it up for us.

Dave Berry, Les Yare & Glynis Lackford have supplied most of these names

Back Row Les Yare, Robert Brunt or Ken Parker , Ken Bell, (?), Dave Berry, John Leslie, David Sharp

Middle Row, Derick Sewell, Ian Fairbairn, Warren Stewart, Eddie Smith, Joe Griffiths, Frank Jenkinson, Terry Kenerdy, Ken Foster.

Bottom Row Lesley Mould, Denise McConkey, Glynis Hallett, Doreen Lobb?, June Harte, Christine Owens, Sandra Henderson, Anne Povey.

Jacquie thinks the teacher is Mrs. Corbett but Glynis remembers Mrs. Chapman