Clegwell Girls 1953

Thanks to Enid Stafford (second from the right the back row) for this photo.
Anthony Hopper recognises
Pat Brown 2nd from left and Norma Prudham 3rd from left. Margaret Watts (formerly Margaret Scaife) tells us that Jean Lavery is the girl 4th from the right in the second row. Norma Hanson thinks that the girl third from the left middle row was called Pearl. Doreen Lynch remembers that the girl back left was called then called Doris Donkin

Brenda Kristiansen & Alf Brown adds these names:
Back Row left – Doris Donkin, Pat Brown, Norma Prudham, .Roslyn White; .Ruth Elder; Anita Dobson; Enid Stafford/Arkless
Middle RowJoan Picken; Margaret Drynan, Pearl Ludford (Rigg), Jean Lavery, Joan McNaughton(Roy) Moira English, Millicent Wilkie.
Front rowJoyce Gibson; Ann Ellison, Mavis Webster,Margaret Grieves; Margaret Anderson

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