Clegwell Class 1C 1955 or 56


Another product of Kevin Blair's research.

Alan White reckons that the teacher in the photograph is probably Paddy Norman who was a 1st year teacher in his time at Clegwell. He was the only one Alan could remember wearing a bow tie at the school.

Norman Dunn reports : This is definitely the 50's. Those boys would have been born in early 1944 because I know some of them & they are slightly older than me. If they were twelve on this photo then it is 1956. Centre row left is a Beal twin (his bro is on far rgt centre) 3rd from left centre row is my old friend Lawrence Morton. 3rd from rgt in centre is Norman Winthrop standing next to a lad called Billy Elder . Front row sitting on the teachers left is my old friend Cyril Bradford who was always 'playing the wag'. He had a massive birds egg collection & was more interested in going into the countryside exploring. He died in a Diving Accident quite a few years ago. Top Row 3rd from left is John Winship and Bottom Row 3rd from left is Warwick Richardson

John Shearer thinks the lad in the centre back row is call Andy Scott who lived in Lion street and had a brother called John. They came from Jarrow to Hebburn early 50's

Dave Smith confirms that this is definately Class 1C first year with Paddy Norman as Teacher

Ray Wilkie tells us that the boy sitting on the left of Paddy Norman is Jimmy Blake

John Haynes adds: the class is 1c of the 1955 September intake. The schoolmaster is indeed Paddy Norman.Front Row No1 is I think Billy Holiday and the second but last person is Ian Stewart. I was also a friend of the late Cyril Bradford and can confirm all that Norman Dunn (who I also knew)reports. Cyril (Brad) was a real character and it is fortune that the photographer's visit was on one of the few days Brad was away from his countryside pursuits.

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