Hebburn Comp 3 December 1983

class ??

Thanks to Andrea Bainbridge for the photo and Joanne ?, for the names

Back Row: Michael Todd,David Kinnersley,Michael Cox,Gary Evans,Kevin Hunter,Neil Thompson,Neil Burns,Ian Elliot,Trevor Black

2nd Back Row: Rose Reavey,Nicola Garvin,Angela Briggs,Mrs Stonehouse,Tracy Thirlwell,Andrea Owens,Susan Shepherd,Michelle Bell

2nd Front Row: Noreen Hudson,Jayne Thompkins,Dionne Ferrier,Linda Pearson,Mandy Hughes,Christine Cairns,Susan Dowie,Joanne Maughan,Azra Rehman

Front Row: Paul Simpson,Paul J Simpson,Andrew Gibbs,Richard Todd

If you can supply any names or information about this class, -. and quote photo "#1"