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Mr Lennon's Class

Mr Lennon's Class (1x) of 1961 - Clegwell School

Joyce Price, Kevin Blair, Brian Wilkie & Jean Fitzpatrick (Houston) supplied the following names :

Back Row:- Anthony Ramshaw, John O'Hagan, Eddie Larner,Malcom Humphries, Billy Holt, Robert Young, Barry Oliver, Henry Cutmore.

Second Back Row. Robert Taylor, Ann Ridley, Elizabeth Cassey, Val Solomon, Glynis Ashman, Liz McCready, Joan Fenwick, Linda Cuthbertson, John Vallely.

Second Front Row. Anne Millward, Anne Gilbertson, Joyce Symmonds , Anne Cuskin, Dorothy Burt, Audrey Robertson? , Vivian Leigh, Margater Collins.

Front Row. Bernard Kippax, David Cummins, John List,Roland Bosomworth, Billy Knott, Keith Dunn, Malcolm Colby

Another photo supplied by Dave Lee