Lukes Lane InfantsSchool

Thanks to Eric Flack for this photo, which includes one of his sons, Gordon- who is 4th in the front row., but that's all the info I have so far. However, I'm pretty sure its 1971 as it looks like it was taken on the same day as another photo we have from the same school

Erica Sinclair & Paul Chambers give us these names
Back Row
Miss Maughans (Teacher) Joe Campbell, Gordon Harrison, Paul Scott, Sharon Duncan, Joanne Driver, Karen Jameson, Julie Snell . ?. Glen Owens, Mark Livingstone. Miss English (Teacher)

Middle Row
Lynne Carhill, Erica Sinclair, Alison Dayley, Carolyn Henry. Julie List, Jackie Bainbridge, Lesley Green, Angela Docherty, Sharon Holmes,Yvonne Henderson.

Front Row
Stewart Mould, Calvin Woodward, Stephen White, Trevor Plant, Mark Tweddle, Keith McQueen, Peter O'Hagen. Steven Armstrong, Paul Chambers

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