Newtown School in the late 1920s

Thanks to Ann for these great photos

Ann tells us:

I lived in Hebburn in the 1950s and my Dad lived there from his birth in 1922 until the 1950s. I've dug out some photos of my Dad's class, that were taken at the New Town School around 1928, 1929, 1930 give or take a year or two either way. (They're not dated, so I'm having to guess.) On the first picture, my Dad, Bill Dickinson, is in the second row from the top 2nd from the left in the white shirt and tie.

My Grandad, John Dickinson, known as Jack, was Head Time Keeper at Hawthorn Leslies until his death in the 1950s and somewhere, I still have a war time letter signed by Lord Mountbatten thanking him for work that the shipyard did on, I think, the Kelly. Grandad was a keen golfer