Hebburn Newtown Juniors
(about 1957ish ?)


(Picture Ref:- Newtown57)

Another photo sourced by Kevin Blair - recognise anyone?

Peter Bailey tells us that his is definitely the "class of 57". Probably taken end of 1957 or early 58. The crepe paper 'streamer' twisted along the top and side of the display board suggests it may have even been Christmas time. The room is probably Ella Wardle's or Sidney Harrison's.

The faces Peter recognises are:

Left hand side
front row -Colin Wilson
2nd row -Barry McGregor
4th row -(2ndfrom left) Peter Dobson
5th row -Ian Wilkinson (to right and behind P Dobson)

Right hand side:
2nd row -Keith Dunn (with school tie) and Peter Bailey himself
3rd row -Robin Ingleton -William Perriman?

Peter reckons that others in the class (but not on this photo) would have been Alan Johnson, Marshall Johnston, Billy Wilson, Colin Miller, Billy Holt Ian Chamberlin, Peter Cordiner,Derek Bolam, Mark Trotter, Alan Gemmel and of course the site editor Michael Ellison (not that he spotted any of this!).

But that still leaves over 20 unaccounted for!


Mary Hill thinks the boy on the front left of the photo could be Colin Wilson

If you can supply any names or information, -.