Hebburn Newtown Juniors - about 1962(ish)

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Photo pinched from the Site Editors brother - but thanks to Ian Robson for most of the names.

In Back Row: Ray Noble, John Hodgson, Ian Turnbull, Kenny Kidger, Terry Ellison, Doug Gillander, Alan Myers, Keith Cossie, Malcolm Stephenson, Ray Forster, Brian Brown, Peter Gibbs, Gordon Hannah.

Third Row: John Black, Dougie Johnstone, Jimmy Rowan, Ian Robson , Urwin Kennedy, Malcolm McGeary, Alfie Denney, Syd Richardson, Chris Armstrong, Brian Gowens,.

Second Row: Phil Conner, Anthony Earle, John Stothard, George Young, , Leslie Lamb, Paul Jardine, Graham Thompson, Billy Irwin

On Front Row: John Wilson, David Atkinson, Brian Jobling, John Charlton, Kenneth Thompson,Trevor Jacobs, Stewart Rounce

Ian writes "The photo was taken probably early '62 prior to the opening of Toner Avenue Juniors. Some of our teachers were Miss Wardle (who is still with us), Mr Ford, Mr Burns and Mr Barnes. The headmaster was Mr Archibold. Happy days!

But what about the girls of the school? Enid Bacon, Carole Brunt, Marina Salkeld, Carol or Sarah Bone, Yvonne McIntyre, Ina Wright, Carol Burdis, Carol Waugh, Alison Riddle etc. Any ideas or photos?”