Thanks to Brian Wilkie & Kevin Blair for forwarding this photo
from Michael Lydon who is front row middle.

Thanks to Susan Kose (nee Hall) for most of these names

Back Row; Gordon Baker, Gary Symes, ? , Ian Appleby, Geoffrey Archibold, Colin ?, Malcolm ? , Ian Clark, Michael Stoker, Angus Mctaggart.

Middle Row; Lynn Rutherford, ?, Susan Hackworth, Julie Reed., Lynne Shaw, Jacqueline Charlton, Beverley? , Alex Bunn, Janice Mc Padden.

Bottom Row (Seated); Jacqueline Milburn, Joan Ellis, Linda Maxwell, Susan Charlton, Janice Robinson, Shirley Crompton, Karen Anderson, Dawn Longstaffe, Susan Hall, Carole Starling.

On Floor; Brian Earl, Kenny Hewitt, ? , Michael Lydon, ?,

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