Parkview 1970s

(Exact date not known)

Thanks to Brian Wilkie & Kevin Blair for forwarding this photo from
John Lydon who is on the back row 1st left.

Alison Carlaw and Heather Booth (nee Crichton) added these names :

Back row: John Lydon, 2nd Stephen Halliday, 4th Paul Clelland, 6th Gary ?, 7th Brian Dial, Stephen Birt, ,

Middle row: Alan Brimer, 2nd Christine Lydon (?) 4th June Smurthwaite, 5th Jacqueline George, 6th Kathleen ? 7th Carol Merrifield, 8th Heather Crichton, 9th Philip Hayes

Front row: 1st Linda Starling (?) 2nd Linda Addison , 3rd Linda Greenwood, 5th Linda Halliwell, Linda Crollman, , 7th Angela, 8th Maxine, 9th Jacqueline Fairhurst.

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