Park View Juniors

Many thanks to the Hepburns for this photo. As far as they can remember, the names are as follows:

Teachers Left - Mrs Shepherd, Right – Mrs Jackson

Bottom Row L to R Barry Williams, Philip Hayes, Geoffrey Earle, ?, Anthony Bone, Mark Wilson, Ian Charlton, Ian Ramshaw, Peter Miller, Anthony Anderson, John Grewcock, Terence Starling.

Second Front Row L to R Karen Moore, Lorraine McHugh, Linda Hart, Gillian Ibbs, Sandra Green , Janine Hunter, Michelle Jefferson, Linda Feargreaves, Deborah Knight, Shirley Hallowell, Tracy Robson, Jill Matthews.

Third Row L to R Gary /, David McLaughlin, Philip Bridon, Sharon Dugeon, Deborah Leask, Karen McCormella, Maxine Shaw, Michelle Durey, Sharon Browne, Shirley Houston, Steven Conner, Gary Birrel, Trevor Doughty.

Top (back) Row L to R Ian Gibling, Gerard Baker, Paul Kennedy, Keith Appleby, Steven Bowman, Alan Hepburn, Darren Coine, Michael Scott, Andrew Clennal, Timothy (Thomas / Cateral), Chris Tennant, David Stanners

If you can add any names, then please email the editor (stating the picture name please)