Quay School - about 1971

Thanks to Eric Flack for this photo, which includes one of his sons which includes one of his sons, Trevor - who is 2nd in back row,

Susan Wears supplied these names:-

Back row
Head teacher Mr Jukes, Paul Chambers, Trevor Flack, Ronald Williamson, Glen Owens, Mark Livingstone, Stephen Collins, Keith McQueen, Miss Clarke.

3rd row
Angela McCall, Jennifer Burns, Deborah Halliwell, Karen Jamieson, Susan Wiblin, Lesley Scott, Deborah Lake,?.

2nd row
Carol Anderson, Lesley Green, Pauline Newman, Carolyn Henry, Karen Grieves, Jaqueline Bainbridge, Sharon Howes, Karen McGee.

Front row
tephen White, Melvyn Stubbs, Neil Evans, Stuart Mould.

So there's still a few names missing. If you can supply them, please email the site editor