Quay School

Thanks to Eric Flack for this photo, which includes one of his sons, Trevor - who is 8th in back row.

Kath (sorry no surname), Angela McCall & Sharon Moore emailed these names

Top Row:
Stephen White, Andrew Davies, Stephen Walters, Stephen Collins, Daniel Cosgrove, David Pattison or Anderson, Mark Livingstone, Trevor Flack, David Clark, Kevin Gardner

Second Top Row:
Valerie Gaffing, Jacqueline Bulmer, Alison Hutchinson, Christine Whittle, Sharon Moore, Sandra Chambers, Susan Wiblin, Paula Scott or McGregor, Mauritia Bone, Dawn Allen, Angela McCall

Second Bottom Row:
Angela Newby, Karen McGee, Jill White, Zoe Paisley, Gillian Alder, Carolyn Henry, Janette Blakey, Jacqueline Bainbridge, Carol Anderson, Gillian Anderson

Bottom Row:
Stuart Mould, Neil Evans, Trevor Joyce, Norman Gibbs

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