Hebburn Quay School 1960-61

Quay 1960-61

Many thanks to Colin Caswell for this photo. Colin recalls :-

"It was taken, I'm pretty sure in the summer of 1961 just before we went to Clegwell in the September. Mr Jefferson, in the photo run a lunchtime Boxing Club so we could punch lumps out of each other in a gentlemanly manner. I think all the names are correct but, it was a while ago!

Rockin'Billy Davies has emailed the site to add a couple of the kids names.

Standing L-R. Robert Robinson, Robert Milburn, David White, Malcom Rickhard, Mr. Jefferson, Gren Scammell, Leslie Thompson, Jimmy Fisher, Colin Caswell.

Sitting L-R. Dougie Lees, Alan Dobson, Robert Wilkie (or Wilkinson), Graham or Derek Starky, George Aitchison.