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.Hebburn Quay School

Maureen writes :- The photograph was taken 1960/61 before we left to go to our Senior Schools. The teacher on the left of the photo is Mr Heaton and to the right is Mr Jenkins the headmaster

Back row boys Robert Young, John Bewick, Grenville Scammell, James Fisher, John Chisholm, Alan Wilson, Alan Cook, Tommy Hill, Peter Braid

Second Row Girls Myself, Maureen Mulgrew, Barbara Harbison, Brenda Corridine, Catherine Archer, Linda Phillips, Margery Robson, Lynne Harvey, Patricia Stephenson, Elizabeth Cassie, Lillian Roy,

Front Row Girls Shiela Alderson, Moira Cattlah, Anne Millward, Olwen Milne, Gloria Bond, Anne Baines, Brenda Eskdale, Lynne Laws, Jannine Williams, Jennifer Reed, Margaret Loadman

Front Row Boys Albert Burton, Alan Dobson, David Cummings, Alan Baynes, Raymond Houston, Ken Stubbs, Robert Taylor, Alan Docherty, Gordon Craig, Terence Hambley.