Quay School 1960

Quay 1960

Thanks to Ken & Gilda Forster for this photo - and to Billy Stubbs for many of the names.

Back row :- David Anderson, Stephen Bowmer ,Collin Bell, Alan Reed, Alan Scott, Billy Stubbs, Jim Guy, Fred Jennings , Davd Cockfield, David Chisholm

2nd Back row :- Lynn Laws, Edith Docherty , Irene Philips, Doreen Walker, Pauline Cordiner , Marilyn Miller, Pamela Cumberland, Kathleen Jobling, Gilda Thorius, Rosemary Kyle, Brenda Fairweather, Lynn McCloclan,

2nd Front row: - Kathleen Hall, Enid Atkinson, Marilyn McDonald., Sandra Tobin, Margaret Gault, Anne Wiley, Maxine Taylor/Bedford, Lorna Clarke, Elsie Smith, Ellen Brown.

Front row:- David Millward, Aln Hambley, Peter Slater, Ian Burfoot, Jack Heron, Lincoln Scamell, Ian McBain, Brian Charlton, Melvin Keeler, Robert McKennor . Teachers:- Miss Patrick & Mr Jenkins.

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