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Toner Ave

Toner Avenue 3B - 1966/67

Thanks to Dave Lee for his photo of this bunch of reprobates (including himself).
Trevor Thornton, John Burdis & Ian Clark have added a few more
(But there is some doubt about the order so sorry if your name appears in the wrong place).

Back row (left to right) - Ed Lee, Terry Beal, Dave Lee, Malcolm Gray, Malla Davison, Chris Hogg, Malcolm [David] White, Bruce Tones, Dennis ?, Ray Taylor.
3rd row - Clifford Potts, Billy Nutley, Philip Hill, Brian Docherty, Gail Trotter, Maureen ?, Paul
Etherington, Tony Stewart , ?, Alfie Charlton,
2nd row - ?, Linda Rowland, Janice ?,Carol Bone, Susan Dowling, Edwina Cassey, Gayle ?, Leslie ?, Susan Cummins, Pauline Blair,
Front row - Dave (Dinga) Bell, Brian Marshall, Mala Kerrison , Alan Sharp, Terry (winka) Wilson, Alan Harrison, Eddie Kent, Ian

The teacher was Miss Frasier (then Mrs Caruthers)