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Betty Thom
Betty Thom in 1953


Billy Thom and friends.


Hebburn lads on a trip to
Butlins, Skegness in the 1930s

Walter Wears in his cycling days

Bernard Hannah with his mates Gerry Exsdale
and Jim McCartney (2 photos)

Marion Coyne & family on a seaside trip.

Blindburn Street Seaside Trip (about 1947)

St. Andrews Pantomime 1950

Walter Willson's Centenary Year

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St. Cuthberts Youth Club
(about 1955)

Rockin' at the Ambulance Hall in the 60s
(2 photos)

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St. Aloysius Ladies

Trades Club 1973

Charity Snooker Marathon 1986

Powerhouse 2
Powerhouse Dance

Leslies Sports Day
Leslie's Sports day 1952

Ambulance Hall Dance
Ambulance Hall Dance

powerHouse Dance
The Power House Dance

1954 Xmas Party in
St Andrews Hall

George Cohen Ltd Xmas Party

3 girls in the park
Summer in Hebburn Park - 1959

Lincoln Trip 1967

John Shearer
John Shearer
(Blair/Jardine Photo)

Reyrolle Girls
Reyrolle Girls 1974 (1)

Reyrolle Girls 2

Reyrolle Girls 1974 (2)

Reyrolle Girls 3
Reyrolle Girls 1974 (3)

Jardine collection
Anyone know these 3?

Jardine collection
Tommy Pope and Eddie McKee
sit in Roys about 1955.
(Jardine Collection & Kevin Blair)

Hebburn Legion in the 1970s

Relay test
Reyrolle's Relay Test Xmas Party
1947 (ish)

Elmfield FC
Elmfield FC 1986 - Celebrating!

Hebburn Pro
Hebburn Pro Club - mid 60s

Relay Test
Reyrolle Relay Test night out - another from John Moseley's collection

Reyrolle night out

Reyrolle night out (pre war)

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Shopping Trip 1974

Night out at the Tavern in the 70s

Shopping Trip 1974

Blackpool Trip
The Lass's - and another from Kevin

Transport Office
Pricey's 21st

Labour Club Party
Clegwell Lower 6th Party at the Labour Club - about 1983

Good Mates in the 1960s

Mick Graham
Mick Graham

London Trip
Clegwell Lower 6th Trip to London
- again 1983

the lads
'The Lads' - yet another one from Kevin Blair's collection

Youth Hostelling in the 1950s



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