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Jarrovians Rugby 1st Team 1983

Community Centre Keep fit /
Basketball team about 1983

Reyrolle Cricket 48
Reyrolle Cricket Team 1948/49

Golf Club
Hebburn Golf Club

Unknown Tea
Unknown footy team

St. Oswalds South Tyneside
Sunday League team 1971

Hebburn FC 1992

County Veterans title presentation

Palmers Bowls team 2003

Colin Williamson (left) and Robin Mowat (centre)

Winners of the visually impaired pairs bowls championship, Saltwell Park July 2003

Leslies Juniors 1958

Baker Perkins Footy Team 1970-ish

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Reyrolles 1968/69

National Champions 2002 - Click to see full size.
Clive and Ann Knott of Hebburn Indoor Bowling Club with the 2002 National Mixed Pairs trophy.

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Reyrolles - mid 1950s
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Hebburn Leslies Jnrs. 1972
Reyrolle 10 pin
Reyrolle inter-dept 10 pin 1967
Reyrolle 10 pin comp
Reyrolle 10 pin Competition
Glenn St Methodists 1958
Glenn St Methodists 1958
Marshall Cup Winners 1995
Palmers Bowls Team 1995
Roys Pool
Roy's Pool Team
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Reyrolles 1966/67
Roy's Darts
Roy's Darts Team (about 1977)
Palmers Football Team
Palmers Constructional Team - about 1965
(2 photos)
Pool Committee
Hebburn's 1st Pool League Committee
Hebburn Argyle
Hebburn Argyle JOC League Champions from 1972-73 .
Leslie's Juniors
Hawthorne Leslies Juniors 1971/72
Leslies football
LESLIES FC 1971-72 Season,
Legion FC - 65/66
Hebburn Legion FC - 1965/66
JH&F Boys
Jarrow, Hebburn and Felling Boys
- season 1963-64.
Elmfield FC
Elmfield FC 1983
Jardine Collection

Glenn St. Methodists - about 1957

Leslies Juniors

Hawthorne Leslies Juniors 1965/66

Leslies juniors 1966/67
Hawthorne Leslies Juniors 1966/667

Leslies Cricket Team
Leslies Juniors Cricket Team
About 1949
Labour Club
Hebburn Labour Club 1970's
Jardine Colection
Hebburn Hartleyburn FC 1957-58 (2 photos)
(Jardine & Blair)

Reyrolles match
Match on Reyrolles Sportsfield
Jardine Collection
Unknown team - taken in 1934
St. Aloysuis
St. Aloysuis Juniors 1918
Reyrolles match
Match on Reyrolles Sportsfield


Hebbburn Town AFC
Hebburn Metro Swimming Club
Durham County Bowling Federation


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