Viewed from above
Many thanks to John Burn for these brilliant new aerial shots , which he has taken from
a helicopter over the last 2 years whilst visiting Tharsus Engineering on Glenn Street.

And to Neil MacDonald for the creating composite whole town photo

Click on any photo to see the larger image

Composite aerial photo of the town created by Neil MacDonald

Glenn St. Government offices area

(ex Reyrolle)

Glenn St.Government offices area

(ex Reyrolle)

Hedgeley Road area showing the now empty Bitumastic site and new housing estates beyond Reyrolle offices

Hedgeley Road again, this one showing the Pyro site more clearly

Bonga on the Wallsend side

Lovely view with cemetary in the foreground - then across town centre to the river

Another view northwards with shopping centre car park in the foreground

Slightly more to the east with Ellison Street and the shipyard in the centre of the photo

Looking east along the Metro line

Looking back towards the town centre from a position above St. Aloysuis.
VA Tech (Reyrolle) site from the east