Mill Lane

Mill Lane Area

Brian Wilkie, one of the websites regulars, suggested this page of photos of the Mill Lane area – where he walks his "Yorkshire Terrorist" dog. (At least, that’s what I think he was suggesting – but who knows?)

(Click on the thumbnails to see the full size picture)

Cock Crow Inn
Front entrance of the CockCrow Inn on the west side of Mill Lane just past Monkton Lane
Cock Crow Inn
Rear view of the same building from the ornamental lake built on the old clay pits
Cock Crow Inn
A higher view, again looking east from behind the building
Mill Tavern
Mill Tavern, looking much posher now with the conservatory extension to the front.
Ornamental Lake behind the CockCrow Inn, nice idea but suffers from the usual problems of vandalism etc.
Far view 1
View from higher ground looking towards Reyrolle testing plant on Victoria Road West (St. James School & Church in foreground)
Far view 2
Another view from the same spot, this time looking east towards South Shields. In distance (starred) there’s a rig platform under repair at Tyne Dock
This time looking south towards Penshaw Monument (sorry the photo is a bit shakey)
Far View 4
Looking west towards Newcastle, with the regions 2nd best ground (Sid James Park) clearly visible on the skyline

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