Home from Dunkirk


This smashing photo came from Joan Moseley and was part of her family’s collection.

Thanks to Tommy Lake’s amazing detective work, we’ve now know the following information about this photo:

1. This was taken Autumn 1940 to celebrate the return of the men from Dunkirk, a Church Service was held in St Andrews, then tea and sandwiches were served in the Social Hut. It was taken here as it was the best place available for a group photo.

2. The Ballast Hill was an ack-ack site of Royal Artillery,

3. Gateway leads to Blackies Hemp Works,

4. Further left unseen in the photo were the Social Huts of Hebburn, used by the Woman’s Guild, British Legion reading room and a Gym used mostly for Boxing.

5. Most of the men were survivors of Dunkirk living locally from Jarrow and Hebburn, some were discharged from the Forces as being Shipyard Workers. This being classed as a Reserved Occupation. They then formed part of the Home Guard, they worked in the yards by day, the Trainingby night. The men served mostly in the D.L.I. and the Northumberland Fusiliers.

6. Pipers in No1 dress were members of the Hebburn Pipe Band. The men in Tamoshanters were Northhumberland Fusiliers Tyneside Scottish Band, the men in Fleece uniforms were from Cattrick, Dunston, and Hexham Hospitals.

7. The three kids on the wall, (minus head) was Jimmy Cassidy, Tommy Addison,and Marty Walsh. They all served in the Army in the Fifties, Jimmy Royal Artillery in Korea, Tommy D.L.I Korea, Marty Coldtream Guards Egypt. The little lad in the foreground is possibly Mickey Sweeny.

8. Ladies in Photo Served Tea and Sandwiches being members of the Woman’s Guild (who also did Concert Parties for schools and Service Men).

9. The woman in the centre is obviously Ellen Wilkinson.

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