Hautmont Exchange Trip 1958

Thanks to Marion Coyne for this photo which she inherited a tin box full of interesting family photos when her mother, who is on this photo died recently. The photo also shows the town twinning delegation at Victoria station on their way to Hautmontn 1958. Some of the names that she remembers are Peter Bowskill (Fire Chief) Tommy Marr, Sally McIntyre (councillor) Joe Armstrong, Betty Hannah and a girl called Docherty,

Michael Lynch thinks there were 2 separate trips to Hautmont that year – he went on the other which was a Schools exchange. But he still recognises the following people:
2nd from left was a Teacher (from Central or St.Oswalds or Colliery), 5th from left Peter Bowskill – Deputy or Chief Fire Office for Hebburn Station, 6th from left Tommy Marr (lecturer at Hebburn Tech College ex Reyrolle and later either Mayor or Leader of Newcastle City Council. Chairman of Council (with Chain) Alex Iley on his left Mrs Iley. Two along from Alex Iley, Joe Amstrong (light coat & black tie). Next to Joe Cllr.Mrs Sally McIntyre

Bob Fisk, who now lives in a suburb of Perth, Western Australia tells us that he is sitting behind the sea cadet on the left of the photo and directly below Peter Bowskill. On his left (as you look at the photo) is a teacher from Jarrow called Eilleen Gibson. The man in the cap next to her was her friend Tom McVittie and behind him is Brian Storey, another teacher who still lives in Bill Quay. The man who you can just see in his St. Johns uniform is Jimmy Gemmell


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