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Tony lived at 102 Cuthbert Street until 1954, then at 54 Lindisfarne Rd. His grandparents lived at 36 Cuthbert & in Lyon Street.Tony moved to Canada in 1961 and now lives in Calgary

Dad Mam
Dad Eddie Mam Bridget
Granny and family Family
Granny Joyce, Lilly Joyce, Maureen Jenkinson
& Linda Jenkinson – pictured at Cuthbert Street
Family Group
Cousin Family
Tony’s cousin, Peter Johnson – who was born in Hood Street, when he was instaled as Abbott of the Isle of Wight. Outside 36 Cuthbert Srtreet. Wife Evelyn, aunt Annie, granny Joyce, aunts Lilly & Molly
Powerhouse Family
Dancing at the Powerhouse Sister Bridget and her husband Albert with mam & dad
Albert & Bridget Porter
Other Lee Family Photos
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Photo 7

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